Rules & Reminders
  • Garden Tour hours are 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. July 11.
  • Gardens are open to ticket holders on the day of the tour only.
  • Please respect the home-owner’s privacy.
  • Please do not removed tags or plant material.
  • No pets, please!
John and Kathy Napotnik - 334 West Ridge Avenue, Sharpsville

(Click for Google Maps) Is a corner lot on a hillside. We have terraced the entire property with stone and brick walls. The house is sur- rounded by flower beds with a constantly rotating display of color. There is a secluded patio on the east side of the house that is also terraced. The north end of the proper- ty contains three levels of organic gardens separated by stone walls.

Mike & Erin Labbiento - 655 Daugherty Avenue, Sharon

(Click for Google Maps) The gardens at 655 Dougherty Avenue in Sharon are an eclectic mix with a wooded cottage feel. The landscaping in the front yard is designed to lead you up the driveway to take a closer look at the plantings surrounding the front of the house. A rustic blue stone path guides you to the back of the house which is bordered with old growth arborvitae and hemlocks. A large maple and birch tree anchor the yard and provide shade to the space. There
are several understory trees, shrubs, and perennials that thrive in the shaded space. You will be visually led to sev- eral focal points throughout the backyard. You will see a stone hearth oven with a slate roof, a blue stone patio with barnstone borders, a rustic ivy covered shed, and a flag- stone fire pit area to gather with friends and family.

Mary Ann Lary - 91 Buhl Boulevard, Sharon

(Click for Google Maps) My gardens feature a landscape of beauty with diverse and colorful displays, including seasonal plant displays of annuals, perennials, and flowering bulbs. Also included are hydrangea trees, honeysuckle and clematis. You will also find a patriotic garden this year’s remembering all of our veterans. I have had my gardens for several years and they are my source of enjoyment and relaxation.

Cherrie Elekes & Ron Trainor - 659 Charles Street, Sharpsville

(Click for Google Maps) My Primitive Garden was started about 30 years ago as a home for many species of shrubs, bushes, plants, flowers and trees tucked away in a residential area of Sharpsville. It is accented with winding stone and pebble paths, bird houses, Bee Skeps, Arbors, chairs, benches, tables and many other primitive pieces which add to it’s historical charm and natural beauty. To really experience the simple grandeur of this surprising venue a person must take a casual walk through it. The highlights of this garden are the out-buildings, a pond with a fountain and falls find a vine covered walkway on the upper edge of the garden. Welcome & Enjoy!!

LeeAnn Suso - 208 White Avenue, Sharon

(Click for Google Maps) This small 55 foot wide lot utilizes the sides and back yard to create unique garden zones. The sunny south border
is a Penn State certified Pollinator Garden. Follow the path to the backyard that includes annual and perennial flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. An ornamental pond full of colorful koi is tucked into the back corner of the lot. Head around to the north side of the house to see the shady border of hosta, ferns, astilbe and heuchera.

Nancy & Jerry Novak - 280 Todd Avenue, Hermitage

(Click for Google Maps) We started our garden 3 years ago with a blank slate… an open back yard with only a huge oak tree which was caus- ing problems. The tree was removed and we then came up with a design to allow for a private area to enjoy our back patio. We wheel barrowed approx. 78+ tons of top soil for the raised flower beds and have planted 400+ perennial plants and bushes, as well as some annuals. We call it the “wing and a prayer” garden because we have been tweak- ing the design as we go and praying that it will work.

Babs Quincy & Tom Amundsen - 162 Greenwood Drive, Hermitage

(Click for Google Maps) Amidst the crowded and busy streets of Hermitage, there is a little piece of paradise that we call home! The sizable purple birdhouse in front is but a hint of the secrets and surprises out back. Our large hops-covered gazebo pro- vides shade and a quiet, cozy place to relax while enjoying the Mexican-themed courtyard flanked by flowers, bird- houses and garden art. Go through the smaller grapevine and honeysuckle covered gazebo and stroll around to the meditation garden and fire pit to view more flowers, seat- ing areas and Tom’s no-till, organic raised vegetable beds.

Ben Houston & Randy Simmons - 1391 Dutch Lane, Hermitage

(Click for Google Maps) A tranquil, serene and relaxing area in a suburban setting. We are fortunate to have 13.5 acres of land in an oth- erwise very busy part of Hermitage. If it weren’t for the stretch of Dutch Lane that goes past the house that con- nects to Rt. 18, standing in the drive and looking at the trees, you could imagine yourself in Aspen.