About Us

Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds in the Shenango Valley to engage in both edible and ornamental gardening. Through educational programming and the visible projects we accomplish, we hope to empower individuals, families and groups to join with us in making a positive impact on our community, to grow physically, mentally and spiritually as we engage with and interact with each other in our common goal, the stewardship of our corner of the earth.


  • Promote civic beautification by revitalizing and maintaining the landscape surrounding the Community Library of the Shenango Valley
  • Plant Community Gardens in several neighborhoods to provide fresh produce to people of all ages and cultures
  • Organize an annual Garden Tour in the Shenango Valley
  • Hold educational programs that are open to the public
  • Meet the first Tuesday of each month at points around the valley, see here for our next meetup.

Find us on Meetup.com and our group on Facebook.